Wan Tai /Gessi Bathroom Design Competition

Wan Tai / Gessi Bathroom Design Competition presents a platform for Temasek Polytechnic School of Design students to design highly creative and inspiring bathroom designs  showcasing  products from the Gessi collection of sanitary ware.


For this year, the selected category theme focus of the competition is the inspirational design of a bathroom in a resort.




The winning design should be one that presents the best combination:


1. Originality of the idea that highlights the most innovative use and setting for the Gessi collection. (50 %)


2. Innovative presentation style that promotes the design intention (20 %)


3. Functional feasibility of the proposal (30%)





Participants are free to propose the location of the resort which they wish to use as a setting for their bathroom design.


Size of bathroom:


A bathroom size of approximately 10-40 square meters is given as a guide.

Information required:


The submission should at least include:


1. An illustrative floor plan layout of the bathroom with a scale bar


2. At least two perspectives of the bathroom


3. A short description of the proposal in less than 100 words.


4. Information highlighting the sanitary ware from the Gessi collection that was used in the proposal.


5. The elements above information can be drawn and written manually or digitally.



Submission Format:


The competition proposal is to be submitted as a PDF file of a single A2 landscape oriented storyboard that contains the well-organized layout of the information required at a resolution of 300 dpi.


For proposals developed manually, the PDF file should be produced by scanning their manual proposal.



of submissions:


The submission should not bear the name or any other feature that would identify the participant.




The competition is open to any individual student actively studying at Temasek Polytechnic School  of Design.


Any form of plagiarism will disqualify the entry



Submission Deadline:


The submission entry should be delivered to the School of Design General Office.


The submission should be delivered by  4 PM 7 July 2017.


Late submissions will not be considered.


Terms and conditions:


1. The PDF submission will not be returned to the participant.


2. Other than for the use in this competition, the competition participant will retain all other ownership of the copyright and other intellectual property rights of the design proposal.

Jury Decision:


The decision of the jury is considered final.




• 1st  place winner: $ 600 + award certificate


• 2nd place winner: $ 500 + award certificate


• 3rd place winner: $ 400 + award certificate



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